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Our Services

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Sprinkler Start-ups

Sprinkler Start up- Technician will start up existing sprinkler system from start to finish. When the technician arrives, he will check outside manifold, backflow and all valves before pressuring up the system. Assuming it is ready to pressurize we will then head to the shut off valve to open. Head back outside to backflow and valve box making sure there are no leaks or problems. We will go through the entire system checking for leaks, breaks, or any necessary repairs zone by zone. If there are any problems that need to be addressed, we will discuss repairs with homeowner before any work is done. This will include timeframes and prices. Once the entire system is inspected, the technician will then set up the control box (sprinkler timer) and set up appropriate watering times. One start-up appointment will ensure the system is ready to run for the entire summer.

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Repairs and Revamps

Repairs or Revamps- Any repairs with a sprinkler system are most likely repairable within a two-hour window (excluding Manifold replacements which can require a few additional hours). From Backflow preventers, copper pipe breaks, Valve replacements, head replacements and adjustments, Timer issues, underground Poly leaks and much more. Any issue a homeowner has regarding any type of sprinkler system are most likely repaired the same day the appointment is scheduled to be completed.

Sprinkler System Installation

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Sprinkler installation- This includes ALL WORK necessary for a brand-new sprinkler system. Starting with the backflow preventer, Copper Pipe, Manifold and Valves, Timer and wire, and of course trenching lines to install poly line and sprinkler heads. Also includes drip lines. Installs come with a 1-year warranty if the system is winterized by LoCol Sprinklers.



Blowouts for Winterization- Protect your pipes and sprinkler system. This makes sure your system is ready to fire up the following spring. The blowout is usually scheduled from mid-September to middle or late December. Although we do recommend this is done before the first hard freeze. Winterization process consists of a blow-out method that rids all the water from the irrigation components. If it doesn’t happen, the water will freeze and cause damage to underground pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and other parts of your system.

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