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As a sprinkler repair and installation service, we want to provide customers with educated and knowledgeable irrigation technicians that are willing to repair, revamp, and install all types of residential sprinkler systems. Our mission is to connect with customers who need sprinkler services, as we strive to complete every job in a timely manner. Having satisfied customers that conclude our work is up to their standard is our main goal!

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Sprinkler Systems Lead to Beautiful Lawns

-Be sure you have the correct sprinkler head for the right area. Smaller sections only require pop-up heads that spray a short mist while large areas require larger heads that can shoot streams 25 feet.

-Be sure sprinkler heads and rotors are adjusted correctly for proper coverage. Spray should overlap just enough to ensure all areas receive water.

-Be sure there are no breaks in the valves, lines or heads. Breaks and kinks will decrease water pressure and usually keep the system from functioning properly.

-Be sure the timer is programmed properly with adequate watering times to ensure your lawn can flourish! (Within city regulations)

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